What are the eligibility requirements to attend?    
What if my friends or other family members also want to attend an event?   
What is the arrival time?   
Will I be driving the Honda Clarity Electric?   
Is registration required?   
What if I’m unable to register for an event that I would like to attend because all drive times are taken?   
How long is the event?   
Do I need to bring anything for the drive?   
Are children allowed?   
Does the test drive have a designated drive route?   
What should I wear?   
What happens in case of bad weather?   
Will I need to sign a legal agreement and waiver regarding liability?   
If I forget to bring a copy of my confirmation, may I still attend the event?   
How will I know that I am confirmed at the event?   
How do I change or cancel my registration?   
How do I reach someone about the event?